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We are pleased to announce that we're making our way back into public consciousness, playing shows again and inching our way ever closer to our next record.  What better way to emerge from the foggy depths than with a FREE show?  Join us in San Francisco on Saturday August 14th at 3:00 pm.  That's right, an afternoon show so you can get your fun over with early and be home on your couch watching Star Trek before you poop out.  Our good friends Terry Gross will be providing additional psych/kraut/motorik rock for your enjoyment.  Bring your own party favors and prepare for fun!

Dragon of the Deep Live Demo 2004 

Back in 2004 life was waaaay more chill.  Every Saturday we would awaken into a state of foggy haziness and meander down to El Frijolito in Watsonville for a breakfast of exquisite Mexican delicacies.  Once the previous evening's headiness was sufficiently coated in grease we would return to our garage in Corralitos and proceed to bang away at ridiculously loud heavy riffage for hours and hours on end, occasionally punctuated by meditative moments to breathe deeply and ponder the clouds.  One day we threw up a few microphones and recorded a 20 minute version of what eventually became Dragon of the Deep Part Two, except we didn't know there was a part one yet, so we just called it Dragon of the Deep.  It was tracked live, no overdubs, straight to cassette.  We sent it to Rocket and Holy Mountain who both liked it enough to release our self titled debut record in 2006.  Now sixteen years, 4 albums, and hundreds of live shows later, it seems part of the cosmic joke that we tried to put it online on 4/20/20 but failed because of technical difficulties.  Here ya go, free download, although you can donate more to the cause if you think it's extra rad.  Through the wafting clouds of tape hiss (LOTS of tape hiss) you can smell the dankness and grime of heady young men plodding away and chasing a rock n' roll dream that may still be coming true.....or is it? DIG IT, FREE DOWNLOAD


Back in 2012 or so we were hard at work mixing Heady Mental and getting into far out ambient soundscape type stuff that we didn't really know what to do with.  Eventually some of that ended up on Sparking Waters but a lot of it just got forgotten on a hard drive.  We also had two songs from our live set during the BRAIN era that we never perfected the recordings of.  So now here they are, plopped onto the internet as a digital download for your enjoyment.  Profits from this release will be donated to our local Santa Cruz chapter of Grey Bears who are doing good work taking care of elderly people during this horrific Corona Pandemic.  Head over to our BANDCAMP page to dig it. 



Not gonna lie, we're super pumped to play in the afternoon.  No staying up way past bed time getting bleary waiting to play.  We're gonna be home before bedtime!  Huge thanks to Subliminal SF for setting up this awesome show.  We'll be near the cooked meats if yer lookin for us. 


Iron Man Moving and Subliminalsf present 
Sunday August 5th - Afternoon Show / Free BBQ 


TERRY GROSS (members of trans am/triclops/peace creep) 


Doors 2pm / Show 2:30pm (over by 7pm) 
$10 Cover / Free BBQ + Kool Aid 
1233 Seventeenth Street, SF • 21+ 

We're not dead 

Got a nice email today, "your entire sparkling waters album is so good guys i hope you're not dead"  Guess we gotta get out there and show we're still alive.  We've just been living, biking, working, biking, working, jamming....... for a while.  Got some new jams coming to fruition.  Spacin on the CREME.  Gotta show with OWL coming up, been trying to set something with them since they were teenagers.  TERRY GROSS is gonna play too, featuring our favorite tape wrangler PHIL MANLEY.  So if you're going to be in OAKLAND on June 29th you should come out, might be a while before you have a chance to see us again.  We're not dead!  We're living all over you. 


We're happy to roll the amps out in FELTON!  Aaron and Nicky grew up right down the street from the Felton Community Center, before it even existed.  We've never played in Felton so it feels good to come home at last. 


(((folkYEAH!))) Presents 




Heron Oblivion 



Mattson 2 

Pink Mountaintops 

Harry & The Hitmen 


Suzanne Vallie 

Wild Boy.. 

Liquid Lights by Mad Alchemy 

Beer & Wine Bar provided by The Crepe Place 

Saturday January 28, 2017 

Felton Community Center 

Gates at Noon! 

Purchase tickets HERE

New Cassette by Mammatus drum guy 

Mammatus drummer Aaron Emmert returns as WAPITI to unleash some synthesized jams.  If you liked the ambient nu age passages and flourishes of Sparkling Waters you might get into this. 

"Recorded during foggy late nights in Aptos, conjuring synths to echo my feelings, joyous, laughing waterfalls after the rains of El Nino, the pounding surf touching the walls of the canyon, creatures scurrying in the night, waking up with bells ringing in my brain beside the bubbling brook, sleepless synthesizers synthesizing while I sleepily stare and listen, driving through the deep dark woods at night speakers blaring up a swirling cosmos while bobcat dives out of the way. This is another cassette by another guy who listens to Kitaro and can't help but twiddle some knobs. If you're reading this, thank you, I love you." -AE


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